Our articles on business look into how companies today are using open source and how "open" is shaping the future of business.

Publisher's picks: 29 open source books for 2015

Yearbook cover 2015
Six publishers share top picks for their 2015 open source-related book releases.Read more

Top 5 open source frameworks every application developer should know

DZone's editor in chief John Esposito picks 2015's top 5 open source frameworks for developers.Read more

The next generation of continuous integration

Continuous integration
Traditional continuous integration (CI) systems are designed as a pipeline of jobs. You have a peer review, then the build job, then the unit tests...Read more

Top 10 open source projects of 2015

Top 10 open source projects of 2014 with lightbulb
Every year we look back at 10 favorite open source projects for users f rom the past 12 months.Read more

Practical guide for avoiding burnout and living a happier life

Jono Bacon shares some quite ridiculous life choices from his early years that illustrate important ways of keeping healthy in mind, body, and spirit.Read more

Funding open source projects makes good business sense

Open community, gardeners and food co-op
All communities—not just the ones businesses depend on—deserve companies' attention.Read more

10 helpful tools for a sys admin's toolbox

We round up 10 open source tools for sys admins that released big updates in 2015.Read more

Staking a career on open source software's success

My open source story
"It was the best professional decision I've ever made," says OpenNMS CEO Tarus Balog.Read more