The Business collection is about the intersection between open source and the future of business.

Education is crucial to building an open web

Mozilla's Emma Irwin talks about the work she does for Mozilla's Participation Team and the broader Mozilla Project.Read more

How designers can contribute to open source

Open source software isn't always pretty. IBM developer Una Kravets talks about how to get more designers involved and offers a sneak peek at her...Read more

Open source event planning is work, fun, and good for business

Penguins with space and stars overlay
Organizing an open source event is a lot of work, but the payoffs can be huge in terms of community and brand building, recruiting, and networking...Read more

Plant volunteers, grow an organization: an interview with Stormy Peters

As part of our OSCON speaker interview series, Stormy Peters talks about the current state of community management and where it's going.Read more

A new book, celebrating five years, and more OpenStack news

Blue clouds, OpenStack
Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack , the open source cloud...Read more

What to know before transitioning your team to Git

OSCON 2015 speaker Emma Jane Hogbin Westby offers a preview of her Git talk and training, including three things she likes about Git, and a few...Read more

Where are they now? 5 open source projects

A look back at the Top 10 open source projects of 2014 from and where they are six months later.Read more

5 tips for translating documentation

Translating documentation takes time and effort, but not nearly as much as starting over from scratch. With a few tips, you can streamline the...Read more