Our articles on business look into how companies today are using open source and how "open" is shaping the future of business.

Modern DevOps with Docker

Docker logo with graphic overlay
Is Docker production-ready? According to Avi Cavale, Docker not only is ready, his company already runs thousands of Docker containers in production...Read more

3 best practices for bootstrapping an open source business

Every company has different needs and challenges, and patterns of success are equally variant. But that doesn't change the core requirements to a...Read more

Git and GitHub for open source documentation

Learn about seven tools and processes, both human and software, which are used to manage patch requests in the OpenStack documentation.Read more

OpenStack in the classroom, PTL voting begins, and more

Blue clouds, OpenStack
The weekly look at what is happening in the OpenStack community and the open source cloud at large.Read more

A community distribution of OpenStack

In this interview with Red Hat's Alvaro Lopez Ortega, learn more about the RDO distribution of OpenStack and how it produces community-supported...Read more

Open source applied to how movies are made

Much of what is becoming open source today fits into the new digital pipeline. Open networks, open data, big data—all these new environments are...Read more

Open source is key to the future of CMS development

A key factor in the evolution of content management systems is open source development, which has contributed to the transformation in several ways.Read more

What's so special about Google Summer of Code?

Google Summer of Code celebrated it's 10th year last year, so if you haven't heard of it, maybe you live under a rock? In this interview with program...Read more