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It's well understood that diversity and inclusion unlock innovation and drive market growth. Learn how the open source community is working to bring people with varying backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences into its fold.

Two diverse hands holding a globe

How one open source project found a way to give credit for all kinds of contributions.
Globe up in the clouds

An interview with FreeDOS Project founder Jim Hall on communicating effectively around the world.
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Open source accommodations help people with neurodiversity use their talents to their highest ability.
Two diverse hands holding a globe

The project is working to eliminate racism and other harmful prejudices from the project's code and community.
Minecraft and open source?

Current discussions are broadening to how a tool might streamline workflow and make it easier for people to contribute to and participate in communities.
Programming books on a shelf

How open source programming can offer opportunities after incarceration.
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Learn how developers can support assistive technology projects and inclusivity.
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D&I has tangible, measurable benefits for companies with the foresight to understand how it improves their products and operations.