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It's well understood that diversity and inclusion unlock innovation and drive market growth. Learn how the open source community is working to bring people with varying backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences into its fold.

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Find out what these eight women in tech have accomplished and done to further the success of others.
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It's harder for programmers from less-privileged nations trying to achieve success alongside people from countries with many material advantages.

GenderMag methodology identifies gender bias in software tools to help designers eliminate it.
Diversity team meeting

Women in tech have long taken a backseat to men in leadership roles. Kelsey Merkley is out to change that.
Diversity team meeting

We need everyone at the table, in the lab, at the conference and in the boardroom.
Leaders are catalysts

These inspiring technology leaders are creating positive change and making a difference in the industry every day.
Diversity team meeting

Although metrics are an important way to understand community members' effectiveness, they're only one piece of the puzzle.
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A diverse workforce should include people with disabilities. Here are ways organizations can be more inclusive of the disabled.