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Learn about Docker, an open source Linux container platform. For a detailed explanation of containers, check out our what are Linux containers and what is Docker resource pages.

Containers on a ship on the ocean

SCaLE 14x presenter Jason Brooks shares how container cluster management tool Kubernetes helps pave...
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SCaLE 14x presenter Anthony Chow explains what OpenStack is, how it works with containers, and why...
Open Source Yearbook image 2015

We look at 10 cool tools for expanding your Docker use.
open source button on keyboard

Docker sparked the trend in software containers less than two years ago. And since its modest...
Open Source Yearbook icons

We round up 10 open source tools for sys admins that released big updates in 2015.
The right and left brain coming together

How to make compiling TeX documents easy while keeping track of different variants and versions.
Shipping containers stacked

Are you interested in using Docker to change the way you develop and package Linux applications?...
A confusing business organization chart

What are microservices? created a new resource page which gently introduces...