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Good documentation—including installation guides, user guides, white papers, FAQs, and more—provides users a roadmap to using software and hardware. Our articles focus on giving open source project creators ways to improve the quality and usefulness of their documentation.

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Eleventy is a JavaScript-based alternative to Jekyll and Hugo for building static websites.
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Bring your documentation writing into the DevOps lifecycle.
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Documentation is an important foundation for any open source project, to guide your community and keep it open.
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Using some of the basic principles of effective communication can help you create well-written, informative project documents that align with your brand.
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Documentation is as important as code, so make sure you treat it that way. Here's how.
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Use Docsify to create documentation web pages to publish on GitHub Pages.
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Learn about the importance of architecture and specifically about the importance of diagrams.
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Mixing experienced tech writers with open source communities reveals new approaches for creating better docs.