3 easy steps to submitting a GitHub pull request
Your first pull request doesn't need to be a major one. Learn how to contribute to an open source project on GitHub in three easy steps.
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Documentation should be concise, consistent, and simple
Three considerations and accompanying resources to keep in mind as you write documentation.
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Plerd: A Dropbox-friendly Markdown blog platform
Written in Perl, Plerd can be told to watch a Dropbox-synched directory with the plerdwatcher daemon, which will republish files as it sees changes.
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Six non-code opportunities for contributing to open source software code and communities.
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Typewriter keys
In this interview, Dru Lavigne explains how Sphinx is different from other open source solutions, and what kinds of projects should consider migrating their docs.  
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pink typewriter
We look at the 7 rules for writing world class technical documentation and which projects are getting it right.
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When I talk to college students who are working on their first open source projects, the message I emphasize over and over and (yes, one more time) over again is the importance of working openly. And yet, as I discovered myself while writing this post, working openly is harder than it sounds.
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typewriter keys
Learn how three tests can help you improve the readability of your documentation.
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Typewriter keys
Steven Ovadia takes a look at AsciiDoc, an alternative to markdown.
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Six tips for tech writers from Stephen King.
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