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New to Git, the version-control system that serves as the foundation for GitHub, GitLab, and other open source services? These getting started articles will quickly get you up to speed.

Teacher or learner?

In other words, how to Git going in FOSS.
Code going into a computer.

Undo changes in a repository with the simplicity and elegance of Git commands.
Yellow arrows going both ways with texture

In this third article on getting started with Git, learn how to add and delete Git branches.
One cat cloned into four cats

In the second article in our "getting started with Git" series, learn how to perform basic Git operations.
Cloud and databsae incons

Git has extensions for handling binary blobs such as multimedia files, so today we will learn how...
Server room

How to build a Git server, and how to write custom Git hooks to trigger specific actions on certain...
Media ladder

A look at some convenience add-ons to help you integrate Git comfortably into your everyday...
4 manilla folders, yellow, green, purple, blue

How to find out where you are in the history of your project, how to restore older file versions,...