What is your preferred chat platform?


Chat has changed a lot over the years. It plays a vital role in communicating and collaborating. I remember using ICQ—do you remember that annoying sound when someone messaged you? Uh-Oh! » Read more


Should the naked ping be stopped?

The naked ping

The naked, unaswered ping. It might leave you wondering, what did that person want? Was it important? Why didn't they just ask me what they needed? » Read more


Joining us on IRC

You may have noticed that when we have a webcast, we mention you can join us on IRC. You can also join us there any time. IRC is commonly used in developer communities, but it's easy for anyone to chat with. You may even have software already that will let you connect, and if not, you can use a web interface.

Connecting with Pidgin » Read more


Open World Forum keynote panel: Challenges of open communities

During this afternoon's final keynotes at the Open World Forum, five panelists met to discuss a few of the challenges of geographical and physical barriers open communities face.

The panel was moderated by Cedric Thomas, CEO, OW2 Consortium, who was joined by: » Read more

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