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Encouraging collaboration when it isn't easy

My technical content team at Microsoft needed to change the way it operated. Switching tools was...
pink typewriter

Want to write better project documentation? This guide helps you level up.
A three-step process for making more transparent decisions

Your work as an open leader will be more transparent when you apply this decision-making technique.
An open organization crossword puzzle

Are you curious about what's inside the forthcoming Open Organization Workbook ? Decode the clues...
How 10,000 people helped us rediscover our purpose

Sustaining, evolving, and growing your open organization's unique culture will be one of your...
flowers growing in a field

What is inclusivity and why is it central to open organizations?
Growing your team's open culture, one person at a time

Want to scale your open culture during periods of intense organizational growth? Consider a buddy...
4 tips for leaders helping others evolve their careers

In open organizations, managers and other leaders have a responsibility to employees seeking new...