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Iconic Linux debate sparks an open source career

Cesar Brod shares how he discovered Linux during the famous Tanenbaum-Torvalds debate.Read more

I'm an artist who loves Linux

Sreenivas Alapati shares how a love for Linux led to a career in visual effects and a commitment to producing art using open source tools.Read more

A troubleshooting process for Linux problems

David Both shares his process for solving problems.Read more

Linux is about choice, control, and learning something new

Tony Maro shares why he defaults to Linux and open source software for his personal and business needs.Read more

How a love for open source led to the first Ubuntu magazine

My open source story
Ronnie Tucker shares how he found Linux and open source software, then created the first Ubuntu magazine.Read more

Geriatric Linux: How an 'old geezer' came to terms with computers

For the first 70 years of his life, Emery Fletcher wanted nothing to do with computers. Now, he shares how he came to love Linux.Read more

Real-Time Linux, 3D printed bicycle, Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages, and more

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at an open source 3D printed bicycle, the Real-Time Linux collaborative...Read more

Top 5 open source desktop email clients

Desktop email clients
Explore these open source alternatives to Outlook. Thunderbird is far from the only name in the game!Read more