NPR reports on open source 3D printing

NPR reports on open source 3D printing
I first encountered 3-D printing in Cory Doctorow's Makers , a science fiction novel set in the wake of economic armageddon. In Doctorow's imagined...Read more

Electronic resurrection through open source

Over at Make: Online last week, Phillip Torrone posted "If You're Going to Kill It, Open Source It!" --his wish list of dead products that he'd like...Read more

How hackerspaces make any city an open source city

At SCaLE 9x, Leigh Honeywell gave a keynote on the history and future hackerspaces. ( Watch the video. ) She provided a history of the hackerspace...Read more

Good design is hard on all of us

Tim Lee is, for my money, one of the most reasonable and thoughtful tech policy essayists we have. His latest, “ Open User Interfaces Suck ” got my...Read more