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The Mozilla Foundation is the nonprofit organization behind the open source Firefox web browser.

12 ways for open source projects to support diversity and inclusion

Mozilla's research uncovers important ways to promote diversity and inclusion in open source projects.
How to get started contributing to Mozilla

Learn how to contribute to one of the largest and most popular open source projects on the web:...
An introduction to Mozilla's Secure Open Source Fund

A new effort to support security audits and remediation for open source software projects.
My open source story

Tanay Pant shares how he became an executive board member of the same program that helped get him...
Hello my name is Brave tag

On January 20, Andreas Gal, former CTO of Mozilla, the company behind the popular open source...

Ben Kerensa looks back at open web highlights from 2015, and ahead at opportunities and risks in...
My open source story

Ben Kerensa shares how he got involved with open source as well as why he created Glucosio, an open...
Firefox developer edition blue logo modified by Jen Wike Huger via Creative Commons license

Eleven years ago, Firefox 1.0 was released with much excitement and anticipation.