Behind the scenes with Bugzilla Project Leader Dave Miller

bug-tracking system
Bugzilla is an open source bug-tracking system that prides itself on offering server software that is free but skillfully designed to help developers...Read more

Student conference experiments with Open Badges

open  here
Online, we know what open education looks like: P2PU, MOOC, Coursera, MITx—pick your favorite acronym. But, what does open education look like in...Read more

Beat Making Lab assembling development team

open source music
Our Beat Making Lab is applying for an Open Art grant , which would allow us to start development on our dream: open source beat making software we...Read more

Gamer contest hosted by Mozilla, Creative Commons, and others

The Liberated Pixel Cup is a two-part gaming contest. The first part involved participants who submitted art for the games. The second part,...Read more

Mozilla measures interest in their open source projects using site metrics

wave graph
David Boswell has a couple of interesting posts ( here and here ) about how he is using metrics to measure how effective Mozilla is at attracting and...Read more

Mozilla Open Badges ships beta release

Mozilla Open Badges ships beta release
Adding skills and achievements to your online identity When Mozilla’s Open Badges project began in late 2010, it was little more than a demo and an...Read more

Crowdsourcing the State of the Union

Crowdsourcing the State of the Union
Mozilla partners with public media to empower citizen engagement in U.S. election coverage Tuesday's State of the Union Address from U.S. President...Read more

The new MPL

The new MPL
Last week the Mozilla Foundation released version 2.0 of the Mozilla Public License . Immediately recognized as a free software license by the Free...Read more