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Why Python is perfect for startups

Python for startup and small businesses
So you have a great business idea for a wonderful IT product or service, and you want to build your high tech startup around it. Having the idea is a...Read more

Up close and personal with Twitter's Open Source Manager Chris Aniszczyk

twitter and open source
Download the free All Things Open interview series eBook It's official: Twitter is a global phenomenon, and it's hard to argue against the numbers...Read more

Openness in the workplace changes everything

open management model
I love my job. I don't know a lot of people who can say that, but I really do love my job and I've been thinking about why exactly that is a lot...Read more

Building a scalable open source business model in the 90s

build together
Brothers Aleksander and Bård Farstad founded eZ Systems with a strong belief in open source in 1999. At that time, there were no scalable open source...Read more

Why your company should contribute to open source

cube talk
After almost three decades of development, open source software has firmly crossed over into mainstream use. Companies understand the unique value...Read more

Top 10 open business articles from 2012

year in review business
The top story in business this year on was the news that Red Hat reached one billion dollars in annual revenue. This is a major win...Read more

How SparkFun Electronics built their open hardware business

open source why
At SparkFun Electronics we do not sell software, yet we have a robust software development team. These developers spend some of their time on...Read more

Observations from working at Red Hat: My first 2 weeks

Observations from working at Red Hat
I just started a new job in marketing and social media at Red Hat . This is my first time working for an open source company, and I didn’t know what...Read more