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Traps help your scripts end cleanly, whether they run successfully or not.
Raspberries with pi symbol overlay

Identify a specific Raspberry Pi in your cluster with a script that triggers an LED to flash.
Binary code on a computer screen

A reversible encoding of binary data to text with an alphabet between 2 and 94 symbols.
Person using a laptop

The Git Extras repo hosts more than 60 scripts that add to Git's basic functionality. Here's how to install, use, and contribute to it.
Computer laptop in space

Keep your eyes on the stars by putting your Linux machine in night vision mode with xcalib.
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Use this script and save yourself the hassle and wasted paper of trying to manually load and print double-sided documents.
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If you have to do something three times, try to automate it.
Binary code on a computer screen

Try this simple script to easily run a command on binary files regardless of their packaging.