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Binary code on a computer screen

Try this simple script to easily run a command on binary files regardless of their packaging.
Filing cabinet for organization

Can't remember which file you downloaded? Try the lf script for the easy way out.
Person drinking a hot drink at the computer

Share your Twine 2 interactive stories on your WordPress site with the Embed Twine plugin.
Coding on a computer

GTWS is a set of scripts that make it easy to have development environments for different projects and different versions of a project.

Keep track of certificate expirations to prevent problems with the ssl-on-demand script.
Person using a laptop

Try this script the next time you give a presentation to prevent making typos in front of a live audience.
Ship captain sailing the Kubernetes seas

The KRAWL script identifies errors in Kubernetes pods and containers.
Searching for code

LogTool is a set of Python scripts that helps you investigate root causes for problems in Overcloud nodes.