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Learn all about virtualization and how it can be used to run multiple operating systems on the same computer in this handy resource guide.

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This easy "hello world" tutorial makes it easy to start using Vagrant for virtual machine management.
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rust-vmm facilitates sharing core virtualization components between Rust Virtual Machine Monitors.
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In the third installment in this series on common pitfalls of moving to the cloud, learn how to figure out which applications you shouldn't migrate.
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Clean up your development environment and dependencies with Vagrant, a tool for managing virtual machines and containers.
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Let's take a second to get up to speed on timekeeping in Linux VMs.
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Tell us about your virtual machine management tools of choice.
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Learn how Vagrant and Ansible can be used to provision virtual machines for web development.
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Most people who use computers understand at least the basics of how they work. There's the hardware, that actually does the computing; an operating...