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Learn all about virtualization and how it can be used to run multiple operating systems on the same computer in this handy resource guide.

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Vagrant helps you run other operating systems on your computer—meaning you can build things, test things, and do wacky stuff without blowing up your own system.
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Create cloud images with virt-install on Fedora.
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Run a full-featured virtualization environment with oVirt and Gluster and without burning a hole in your pocket.
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Take Fedora out for a test run on your macOS machine using QEMU virtualization.
What is virtualization

Run, customize, and manage your VMs with open source Virt Tools. Plus get a glossary of key virtualization terms.
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This easy "hello world" tutorial makes it easy to start using Vagrant for virtual machine management.
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rust-vmm facilitates sharing core virtualization components between Rust Virtual Machine Monitors.
Globe up in the clouds

In the third installment in this series on common pitfalls of moving to the cloud, learn how to figure out which applications you shouldn't migrate.