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Working from home at a laptop

My experience with contributing to open source projects helped me land my dream job in tech.
Teamwork starts with communication

Building software and participating in an open source community was and continues to be a fun, educational, and fulfilling experience.
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Keep these handy cheat sheets at your side while you learn the Linux command line or practice a new programming language.
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These articles contain hacks, lesser-known facts, and tips and tricks that can come in handy while working with Git.
name tag that says hello my name is open source

Whatever tool you are looking for, there are plenty of open source software alternatives to choose from.
Working from home at a laptop

Whether you're looking for a great open source note-taking app or want inspiration for non-coding roles in tech, Opensource.com's authors covered it all.
Ships at sea on the web

Why policy management was the key to understanding Kubernetes and the DevOps pipeline.
A secure lock.

This countdown is for the security articles for 2021 you need to read right now.