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Diversity team meeting

From Kubernetes to Linux, women share their expertise in tech.
Brick wall between two people, a developer and an operations manager

Break down the differences between these disciplines to learn how you should use them in your open source project.
Law books in a library

Get to know the new OSI-approved Cryptographic Autonomy License and CERN open hardware licenses.
Computer laptop in space

Knative eventing is a way to create, send, and verify events in your cloud-native environment.
Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen

Let's break free from the technical vs. non-technical labels in the tech industry in order to be successful.
Woman programming

Get guidance from agile experts by listening to these podcasts.
Looking at a map for career journey

Whether you've been working for decades or are just starting in non-engineering tech role, this advice can help you figure out where you belong.
Looking at a map

There are many roles in tech for people who aren't engineers. Explore some of them in part 2 of this series.