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After surviving multiple layoff rounds at Digital Equipment Corporation, a large computer company in its day, I started Scott Consulting in 1994. A larger firm bought Scott Consulting in 1999, just as the dot com bust devastated the IT Service industry. A glutton for punishment, I went out on my own again in late 1999 and started Infrasupport Corporation, this time with a laser focus on infrastructure and security. I accepted a job offer with Red Hat, Inc. in 2015 as a Senior Technical Account Manager.

I'm also a published author. Jerry Barkley is an IT contractor, not a superhero. But after he uncovers a cyberattack that could lead to millions dead and nobody believes his warnings, if he doesn't act then who will? Real superheroes are ordinary people who step up when called. "Virus Bomb" and "Bullseye Breach" are available everywhere books are sold. More info at https://www.dgregscott.com/books. Enjoy the fiction. Use the education.

My family and I live near St. Paul, Minnesota.

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