Gary started out his professional career as a chemist/materials engineer. His start down the path to the Dark Side of Computing began when he wrote a program to design an optimal extruder screw rather than face thousands of calculations with a slide rule (yes, a slide rule.) Since then, he's done a lot of different things in computing: microprocessor cross assemblers and simulators, disk device drivers, communication device drivers, TCP/IP hacking and multi-threaded printer spoolers. Always a glutton for punishment, he wrote his own from scratch. Around 1993, Gary started doing computer security when the semiconductor company he was working for was forced to get on the Internet to send/receive Integrated Circuit designs faster and a firewall/Internet gateway was needed. Since then, Gary's been involved in firewalls, intrusion detection and analysis, vulnerability assessments, system and application hardening, and anti-spam filters. Gary really does computer security to...

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Command line prompt

Iptables provides powerful capabilities to control traffic coming in and out of your system.
Magnifying glass on code

The who, what, when, where, why, and how of investigating a Linux disk image.