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Thanks, Don. FuryBSD is quite new, so it is not surprising that you have not hear of it. What is impressive is how quickly FuryBSD is improving. There was a new release of FuryBSD that came out after this article was submitted for publication. The new release provides a tool for Wi-Fi configuration and comes with the VirtualBox graphic drivers preloaded.

The same reason people decide to use Arch Linux instead of Ubuntu or Mint. Ubuntu and Mint are great distributions, but not everyone wants their system to do things the Mint or Ubuntu way. FreeBSD has a lot of nice features and a great community, so some people prefer that to the alternatives. It is all about personal choice. Some want to run a Linux distribution. Some people want to run a BSD. Some people pick Debian, Fedora, Mint, Fedora, or some other distribution. And some people pick FreeBSD, NetBSD, or OpenBSD. Plus, the whole point of the article is that FuryBSD lets a user install FreeBSD with a pre-configured desktop just like when using an "easy to install and use" Linux distribution like Mint.