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Pratyush is working with Red Hat as a Linux Kernel Generalist. Primarily, he takes care of several kexec/kdump issues being faced by Red Hat product and upstream. He also handles other kernel debugging/tracing/performance issues around Red Hat supported ARM64 platforms. Apart from Linux Kernel, he has also contributed in upstream kexec-tools and makedumpfile project. He is an open source enthusiast and delivers volunteer lectures in educational institutes for the promotion of FOSS.

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System tap test cases uses kprobe and uprobe. This article has talked about instrumenting kprobe and uprobe either using sysfs or using perf interface. But, these interface has a fixed callback function, and so you will see only fixed way of trace output. However, you can always write your own kernel module to have your own callback function, which will be called when traced instruction is hit. Systemtap does this. It creates a kernel module based on the user script. In future, ebpf tracing might replace systemtap.

Thanks for suggestion, will try to use some figures in next article.