October preview

An October pumpkin spice-free preview and call for articles

Fall is in the air, which means the spicy scents of big data, supercomputing, system administration, and All Things Open in Raleigh.

An October pumpkin spice-free preview and call for articles
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I realize it might not be fall where you live, but from where I'm sitting, the temperatures are slowly dropping, days are getting shorter, pumpkins and spider webs are starting to decorate front porches, and my friends and colleagues are gearing up for a cornucopia of annual end-of-year tech conferences.

Meanwhile, on, we're looking for open source-angled articles for a few upcoming themes. In October, we're thinking big—as in big data, high-performance computing, and supercomputing. We want to help share your stories about big data projects using open source technologies, or research you're working on with help from Linux supercomputers. Proposals due by October 5. Drafts due by October 16.

Send story proposals (along with brief outlines) to us at

We're also working on the 2017 Open Source Yearbook. If you have an article idea, send it our way. See past yearbooks for examples of the kinds of articles we're looking for, then send us your ideas. Proposals due by October 5. Drafts due by October 16.

Do you have other open source-related article ideas in mind? Send us your story proposal!

Conference series

In October we're running articles from speakers at a few upcoming events, including: LISA17, All Things Open, and Open Source Summit EU.

Will you be speaking at an upcoming conference? Send us an article idea based on or inspired by your talk.

Meet the team

I'll be at SeaGL in Seattle later this week, and you can meet me and the rest of the editorial team (along with a few of our community moderators) at All Things Open, which will be held October 23-24 in Raleigh, North Carolina. We'll be giving away lots of swag at our booth, and we're sponsoring a photo booth on the first day of the event so stop in to get your keepsake photo.

The Open Org

The Open Organization Workbook project is entering its next milestone, and authors are busy preparing their chapters for the next book in the Open Organization series. As a matter of fact, we'll be publishing some of those chapters next month—so expect to hear from open organizations at Microsoft, Harvard University, FreeDOS, and University of Alabama at Birmingham. While you wait, why not solve our open organization crossword puzzle?

Where to find us online

Get involved with the community. Visit our Participate page to learn more about where to find us online.

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