Top 5: Open source Gmail alternatives, managing containers with Ansible, and more

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Top 5: Vi-mode in your shell, Scratch and Logo, and more

In this week's top 5, we take a look at the Alpine email client, open source alternatives to Gmail, and more.

This week's top articles

5. Using the Alpine Linux email client to access messages from any network

Community moderator David Both brings us a fascinating article for those who wish to use your own email server while on the road. Follow his step-by-step guide for configuring and using Alpine to access your messages from any network.

4. Give old electronics new life with Linux and Raspberry Pi

New writer Leon Anavi, a professional software engineer and open source enthusiast, shares how to use and control legacy appliances with the Anavi infrared pHat add-on board for the Raspberry Pi.

3. Save time with Ansible without writing a line of code

Shawn Powers, a longtime IT educator and sysadmin, shares how a line of Ansible code can simplify your life if you are managing a large network.

2. How to manage Linux containers with Ansible Container

Tomas Tomacek, a senior software engineer at Red Hat, writes about how you can pair Ansible with the Ansible Container tool for the complete life cycle of your containerized application.

1. 4 open source alternatives to Gmail editor Jason Baker says “Gmail has achieved remarkable success.” But if you’re looking for some really good alternatives to that interface, then you should definitely read this article. And don't forget to let us know which open source webmail solutions you're using.

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