The preview for July

Sysadmin tips, home automation projects, and more in July

The preview for July

Sysadmin tips, home automation projects, and more in July
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In July, we'll kick off our sysadmin series that will focus on helpful tools and tips for working in the field. We're also working on bringing you some interesting projects in home automation.

Other series we have our eyes on this year are productivity hacks and UX for open source projects and products.

Then, in August we'll run our annual Back to School series highlighting ways open source tools and programs are being used to help people learn new languages, how to code, your basic reading, writing, and arithmetic... and more. To contribute to the series, get in touch with us.

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The Open Org

In June, more than 1,500 people registered to download copies of The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change, the fifth book in the Open Organization book series. The open organization community will maintain that incredible momentum in July with even more stories about the way open principles are impacting organizational culture and design today. Next month, open organization Ambassador Ron McFarland will unveil the second part of his two-piece series on cooperation and competition, while Ambassador Allison Matlack offers her advice on career planning in open organizations. The community also welcomes its newest writer, Peter Baumgartner of Lincoln Loop, who will explain the critical role trust plays in open organizations.

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