The beauty of open source hardware

The beauty of open source hardware

Alicia Gibb talks about the value of open hardware and how you can get involved, too.

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Alicia Gibb is the face of open hardware right now. She went to library school where they taught her that freedom of information and access to it is the most important thing.

She's been in love with "open source" ever since and eventually got into open hardware through hackerspace meetups. Her favorite thing is when an LED lights up. "It's the 'Hello World' of hardware. You know something is working."

Open hardware is schematics, patterns, etc. and publishing those publicly. She loves watching the community build on top of that, remixing and remaking it. 

"One of the beauties of open source hardware is you can't regulate which field it's used in. You can bring knowledge between fields with open source really easily. And then you can discover something you didn't know before. It's really important for citizen science to have the freedom of access that open source brings to the table."

Learn more about a few incredible citizen science discoveries made possible with open source hardware and software.

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