The definitive pronunciation guide for kubectl |

The definitive pronunciation guide for kubectl

Want to know the right way to say 'kubeclt'? Watch this All Things Open talk.

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If you've ever labored over how to pronounce unpronounceable IT terms, H. "Waldo" Grunenwald has your back.

In his humorous Lightning Talk at All Things Open 2018, "'kubectl': The definitive pronunciation guide," Waldo offers over a dozen ways to pronounce "kubectl" before landing on the right answer.

Want to know how to say it? Watch Waldo's talk.

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H. "Waldo" Grunenwald - Waldo is a geek, and if you find him odd, there are plenty of things you could blame that on. Waldo began his career in tech while serving in the United State Marine Corps, being exposed to a diverse array of complexities to daily operations.  Since then, he has pursued a continual cycle of identifying ways of removing the tedious and error-prone, and improving ways that we gain insights into our systems. Having been a part of many organizations of varying sizes and ... "personalities", he...