Fun on the Linux command-line, Ansible, DevOps, best books, and more

Fun on the Linux command-line, Ansible, DevOps, best books, and more

Here's what was hot with readers last week.

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The first few installments in our 24 days of fun Linux command-line tricks dominated our top 10 list last week. 

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Linux toy: tetris

Recreate the magic of the 1980s with everyone's favorite tile-matching game, Tetris.
Hands getting washed.

Learn how to automate your verifications using Python.
Linux toy: cowsay

Bring a bovine voice to your terminal output with the cowsay utility.
Linux toy: nyancat

Rainbows, Pop-Tarts, and cats in space: What more could you want at your terminal?
Building an arch

Culture is the greatest challenge when embarking on a DevOps transformation.
Linux toy: cal

Link commands together to build a colorful calendar, and then whisk it away in a snowstorm.
open book pages

Regardless of the reason or the season, these eight books are ones you'll want to give and receive.
Linux toy: fortune

Bring quotes and quips to the command line with the fortune utility.
Linux toy: lolcat

With this simple utility, you can add a rainbow of color to the output of any program you want.
web development and design, desktop and browser

Turn XML files into something more useful.

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