Open source news roundup for February 16, 2018

Top 5: SpaceX, drone projects, vi tips, and more

Take a quick look back at highlights from this week.

Open source news roundup for February 16, 2018
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Since Valentine's Day was earlier this week, I thought we'd focus on love. There's plenty to love in this week's top 5, so let's take a look. And before you go, be sure to enter to win a Mycroft Mark 1 voice assistant.

Top 5 posts

5. Top 11 vi tips and tricks

Archit Modi shares some ways to make your use of vi a little more poetic.

4. Everything I know about open source I learned from SpaceX

Community moderator Ben Cotton explains how lighting rockets on fire is a lot like lighting the hearts of your open source community on fire. Figuratively, of course.

3. Your DevOps attempt will fail without these 7 departments buying in

It’ll take more than just flowers and chocolates to win the hearts of key departments. Dan Barker explains how you can make love last.

2. 8 open source drone projects

Editor Jason Baker publishes an update to a popular article. If you want your drone to fly like Cupid, this is the article for you.

1. Top 5: SpaceX, drone projects, vi tips, and more

It has to start with loving yourself. Community moderator Ben Cotton brings us a list of the top five articles for this week with a special love theme.

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