What we learned about containers last year

The most-read articles about containers from 2018 show what you need to know to be successful in 2019.
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Containers have been front and center throughout 2018 on Opensource.com. While reviewing our top 13 most-read articles on the topic, I found a thread that ties them all together: the appreciation of small details. Two examples stand out to me.

In "A sysadmin’s guide to containers," Dan Walsh shows how containers have evolved in recent years. He explains how standardization to container image metadata changed the industry—and lives on as the Open Container Initiative (OCI). That’s just one of many small ways containers leaped onto the scene thanks to open source projects like Docker.

And in "What containers can teach us about DevOps," Chris Collins reminds us that the flow and flexibility of containers is a feature, not a bug. Dynamic, evolving infrastructure complements our agile, evolving cultural practices in a way that is here to stay. This is a fun read that brings tech and culture together.

The depth and breadth of these articles make them well worth a (re)read as the year comes to a close. 

Top 13 containers articles from 2018

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