What movie genre does your typical day most resemble? | Opensource.com

What movie genre does your typical day most resemble?

If your typical workday was adapted for the big screen, what kind of movie would it be? Take our poll.

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What movie genre does your typical day most resemble?

Have you ever daydreamed about what type of movie "A Day in the Life of [Your Name Here]" would be? As a sysadmin or other IT professional, your day can vary depending on what issues arise. Does your workday typically play out as planned, or does it tend to go off script? Which movie genre best describes your typical day?

Superhero blockbuster: When you save the day after Thanos deletes the world's DNS records, you might feel like one of the Avengers.

Slapstick comedy: Scenes from Dumb and Dumber could come to mind if you are constantly putting out fires caused by user error.

Horror film: Continual critical alerts make you want to scream or you are haunted by an endless queue of support tickets.

Historical drama: Going to work is like A Beautiful Mind with less math and more sysctl.

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