4 morning rituals for working in tech

Working in the fast-paced tech industry makes each day exciting. What are the morning rituals that give you the space to slow down?
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Participating in a morning ritual may be something you've been doing for a while, but there's an even greater emphasis this year on taking the time to do something for yourself that brings you joy, calm, and balance to start your day.

If you're working in tech, creating rituals like this—whether they're in the morning, middle of your day, or evening—is critical as we live out a new normal working from home, taking meetings virtually, and missing the energy of in-person connections with colleagues. 

Recently, on a call with a few coworkers from various departments who I did not know previously, we talked about our morning rituals. What brings us satisfaction before we begin another day working from our desk at home, participating in more meetings than ever and taking them virtually, as well as, navigating 100% of our collaboration with teammates over the internet.

A need for calm simplicity came up in our conversation about how we spend our mornings each day. And that every day is different. Some days are more calm and balanced than others. And some of us are still figuring out what serves us best.

  1. Coffee clearly serves many people well and was the first answer among the group.
  2. Walking outside and taking a deep breath. I personally do this one at the end of the day more often than in the morning.
  3. Caring for children and pets was second. Taking them to swim practice or spending time playing before preschool. Bouncing the baby before the nanny arrives. Sharing breakfast before the virtual or in-person class begins. Letting the dogs out, feeding the cats.
  4. Meditating and exercising were mentioned as nice things that perhaps we would all get around to incorporating as our new normal becomes just more... normal.

Or maybe we won't add those things, because another aspect of our conversation on morning or daily rituals was around doing less and not adding one more thing. Keeping it simple so we can breathe, relax, and enjoy what we have, right now.

What are your daily rituals?

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Jen leads a team of community managers for the Digital Communities team at Red Hat. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and daughters, June and Jewel.


Coffee for sure! Then check email and various discussion forums for updates.

My morning ritual includes a couple of prayers, hibiscus tea, toast with peanut butter and a walk. Sometimes the walk comes later depending on the weather. Walking is a form of meditation for me.

Those rituals apply to just about every aspect of any working life or for that matter, any life.

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