GitOps vs. DevOps: What's the difference?

Get to know GitOps, an evolved form of DevOps.
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Tips and gears turning

If you work with technology, you are probably familiar with DevOps. Although DevOps is quite hard to describe in a few words, these articles can give you more information:

Now there is an evolved version of DevOps called GitOps: GitOps is the practice of using Git as the single source of truth.

Many enterprises are seeking to move to a GitOpos model because it provides a more standardized and governed system yet offers the flexibility and automation that today's companies desire.

This table compares DevOps and GitOps.

Principle Focus Main Tool Other Tools Flexibility Correctness
DevOps Automation and frequent deployments CI/CD pipeline Supply chain management, Cloud Configuration as Code, etc. Less strict and more open Less focus on correctness
GitOps Correctness; doing DevOps correctly Git Kubernetes, Controller (e.g., Operator), separate CI/CD pipelines, Infrastructure as a Code, etc. Stricter and less open Designed with correctness

If you want to find out more in detail about GitOps, please watch this video.

What GitOps can do for you

But what does GitOps mean for the open source model? Git is an open source technology based on the GNU General Public License version 2. Because GitOps inherits most of its technologies from DevOps, you can enjoy the same variety of open source tool integrations such as Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, and more.

Industries are continuously looking to improve their technology ecosystems with automation practices like GitOps and DevOps, so knowing GitOps may help you score a job. If you are hoping to get a job on an open source project, these articles may offer some guidance:

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