Set up automated software testing with this open source platform

Cerberus Testing offers a series of new features and improvements to allow you to easily set up automated tests for your software engineering team.
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Automated testing is an important stage of development. It helps you ensure code quality, discover bugs before they ship, and guarantee that an application works the way it's intended to work. Deployment of automated tests is rapidly becoming a top priority for companies all over the world.

The latest release of the Cerberus Testing platform offers a series of new features and improvements to allow you to easily set up automated tests for your software engineering team.

Intuitive design

The philosophy of Cerberus Testing is to facilitate cross-functional collaboration on automated tests around a shared interface. Usability has been a major focus of the latest version, with an emphasis on making onboarding simple. The vision of the Cerberus experience is a one-click setup. You can create, execute, and visualize an automated test in less than 30 seconds, whether you're familiar with Cerberus or not.

The Cerberus Testing user interface is easy to use.

(Antoine Craske, CC BY-SA 4.0)

This new version realizes this promise for web application testing thanks to the new design, and Cerberus's automation library. Future enhancements will support more advanced use cases, such as mobile and API testing working directly in the cloud.

Apache Kafka

There's a need for massive data processing in event-driven architecture. This asynchronism, however, must be designed and implemented. Apache Kafka is the preeminent platform supporting massive connectivity of producers and consumers, exchanging messages without defined structures, or else defined by Avro schemas.

Apache Kafka integration now includes support for Avro schemata.

(Antoine Craske, CC BY-SA 4.0)

For several years, Cerberus Testing has supported the testing of event-driven and microservices components with Apache Kafka. Cerberus Testing now also supports Avro schemas.

That's not all the latest release does for Apache Kafka, though. Other improvements are also available, including centralized management of your Kafka configurations to facilitate maintainability, and the ability to search and test elements present in the "headers" of messages.

Advanced use cases

Anyone who designs test automation knows that the old adage "the devil is in the details" is as relevant as ever in this business. There is no "normal" use case for a test suite. Every challenge is unique, but Cerberus Testing provides a toolkit that includes image recognition, file manipulation, multi-criteria validation, and more.

The image recognition available in Cerberus Testing now allows you to target a specific offset on the screen. You can activate a delay for keypress actions, or even utilize character recognition.

There are also improvements for test cases that require uploading and downloading files, new checks for lists of numeric values, and batch test execution relaunch from the interface.

A new and improved website

This new version follows a complete redesign of the Cerberus Testing website for better readability and access to the platform's documentation and resources. There, you can also browse training opportunities and explore partners.

Try Cerberus Testing

The latest version of Cerberus Testing provides a scalable test automation platform that supports Agile and DevOps approaches. To try it for yourself, or to contribute to the project, visit our Git repository.

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