Social media for slackers

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Rikki Endsley, Community Evangelist at Red Hat, shares insights gleaned from composing 140 character tweets, handling hashtags, and tweaking Hootsuite for open source-centric social media accounts.

In this lightning talk presentation, Rikki tells us some of the tips and tricks she's learned from running social media over the last six years. One example, be sure to share relevant, interesting, and accurate information.

This video is a crash course on how to manage social media for open source projects to get best results from the least amount of time and effort. hosted a lightning talk event prior to the All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC. Nine talks on interesting ideas, projects, and more in open source topics were held on October 21, 2014 at Red Hat Tower. Over 100 attendees joined in person, for an evening of open source awesomeness.

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Rikki Endsley is the Developer Program managing editor at Red Hat, and a former community architect and editor for


That was an absolute gem of a talk - lots of great advice. Really well done! :)

Social Media sites are for slackers and idiots! Social media is just another name for data mining!!

Well done and very timely advice. I try to stay on message as much as possible. I confess that I'm slightly eclectic.

wow Rikki ! Great Talk on how to use Social Media. TNX

in exactly 5 minutes you got to the very core of using Social Media.

at my company I have to improve security awareness to about 10k coworkers. social media is getting more and more important and is one of the foremost means of reaching this lot of people. thanks to your talk I can improve my strategy and be more effective.

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