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Poll: Your mouse preferences

When you use a laptop, what is your preferred mouse option?

153 votes tallied
The exact same mouse or trackball I'd use with my desktop. Carrying the extra? So worth it.
36 votes
A travel mouse or trackball. It's smaller but it works.
19 votes
My usual pen and graphics pad. I can't use anything else.
1 vote
The built-in trackpad. Convenient, easy--why bother with more stuff?
66 votes
That tiny eraser-shaped nubbin in the middle of the keys. I love those things.
29 votes
Something else not mentioned here. (Feel free to elaborate in the comments.)
2 votes

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Something else... The built-in trackpad. Not at al convenient, but I don't want to bother with more stuff. With the laptop on my lap a mouse is also not very convenient.

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I actually use a laptop as my primary machine, and I switch between a full-sized mouse when I'm at home and a trackball that is always with me.

I consider trackball a good solution since it doesn't require certain surface to work properly.

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