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All Things Open 2016

All Things Open Speaker Interview collection

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Now in its 4th year, All Things Open is a conference exploring open source, open tech, and the open web in the enterprise. Our series around the event brings you articles and interviews with some of the speakers. Read the collection here.

How to help developers help themselves—Interview with Rafael Benevides, senior product manager at Red Hat, by Don Watkins

10 tips for DIY IoT home automation—by Dan Thyer, co-founder and CTO of Logical Advantage

Asian Penguins turn program into a Linux success—Interview with Stu Keroff, technology coordinator at the Community School of Excellence, by Don Watkins

Changing the way we design for the web—Interview with Rachel Nabors, CSS animator and keynoter for All Things Open, by Jen Wike Huger

Tips from a software engineer for a balanced life—Interview with Kent C. Dodds, a fullstack JavaScript engineer for PayPal, by D Ruth Bavousett

How to champion your committers—by Will Hayes, CEO of Lucidworks

Tips for building your own maker workspace—by Evan Booth, a maker

4 versatile boards for fast, inexpensive IoT development—by Lance Gleason, CEO and founder of Polyglot Programming

The 5 most common support issues for open source developers—by Rod Cope, CTO for Rogue Wave Software

Build your own Raspberry Pi tornado warning system—by Jim Scarborough, Red Hat

4 reasons why an accessible website is a win-win—by Joel H. Crawford-Smith, a Human Factors Certified Usability Analyst and relentless web accessibility fanatic at Duke University

How Apache Kafka is powering a real-time data revolution—Interview with Neha Narkhede, cofounder of Confluent, by Deb Nicholson

MySQL and database programming for beginners—Interview with Dave Stokes, MySQL's community manager, by Robin Muilwijk

A look inside the 'blinky flashy' world of wearables and open hardware—Interview with Gina Likins and Jen Kreiger of Red Hat, by Nitish Tiwari

The basics of open source quality assurance—by Preethi Thomas, a quality engineer for the Pulp project at Red Hat

Meet writers, moderators, and interviewees at All Things Open—by Rikki Endsley and Jen Wike Huger, editors at

Distributing encryption software may break the law—by Jonathan "J.D" Bean, a New York-based attorney

Keeping up the fight for free software—Interview with John Sullivan, executive director of Free Software Foundation, by Bryan Behrenshausen