Open source in the library: A guide for open-minded bibliophiles

Open source in the library: A guide for open-minded bibliophiles

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Libraries embody the open source way—perhaps more than any other cultural institution today. They're bastions of it. Stewards for it. As spaces for learning, they champion the open distribution and free circulation of knowledge. As sites for community gatherings, they foster collaborative endeavors—fruitful exchanges of resources and ideas. And as symbols of both preservation and innovation, they represent one of our greatest resources for weathering the turbulence of an ongoing transition to the 21st century.

In April 2014, invited open-minded bibliophiles to share stories about the powerful ways open source thinking reverberates through libraries. During Open Library Week, we learned about open source tools libraries might leverage in the face of ever-mounting budgetary constraints. We saw how libraries are coupling productively with groups that also embody an open source ethic—those makers and hackers committed to innovation through sharing. We glimpsed something that should be glaringly obvious: libraries are as important as they've ever been. They may take novel forms as they respond to the demands of a new era, but what grounds them will never change: a commitment to the open source way.

This book collects the stories we published as part of Open Library Week.

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