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All Things Open is a conference exploring open source, open tech, and the open web in the enterprise.

Book stack

If you're looking for good DevOps reading material, Chris Short has recommendations in this short All Things Lightning Talk video.
drawings of people shapes on green background

Open source advocate Danese Cooper issues a call to arms in her Lightning Talk from All Things Open 2017.
Old train

Clear up your confusion about containers and Kubernetes in this Lightning Talk from All Things Open 2017.
Blocks for building

Learn about the expected and unexpected problems with a DIY lighting project in this Lightning Talk from All Things Open.
a magnifying glass looking at a brain illustration

Learn how to deal with unnecessary worry in this video from All Things Open's Lightning Talks.
Lightning in a bottle

Don't miss these five-minute talks at All Things Open about DevOps, Kubernetes, wearables, cloud, and more.
The back of a kid head

FLOSS Desktops for Kids helps students in under-served schools access technology—and the skills to use it—by building their own computers.
A sprout in a forest

The future of building great products lies in breaking down the boundaries between business and technical thinking.