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Kubernetes in 5 minutes

Lightning talk: Kubernetes in 5 minutes
Kubernetes in just five minutes? Jamie Duncan explains.Read more

How to understand your team's irrational behavior

Lightning talk: Hacking humans
Jono Bacon describes a singular passion that motivates his career in open source: "Figuring out how we can build strong, inclusive, effective...Read more

5 ways to have a more inclusive event

Lightning talk: 5 ways to have a more inclusive event
Sarah Kahn of Girl Develop It responds to a question she receives quite often: Why don’t more women attend technical conferences and other events?Read more

4 myths about agile

Lightning talk on common misconceptions of agile and open source
Jen Krieger, an agile coach at Red Hat, took to the stage to dispel four common myths about agile and "get to the truth of what it’s intended to be."Read more

Linux through a journalist's eyes

Lightning talk: Linux through a journalist's eyes
In this video, veteran technology journalist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols tells us precisely how a self-proclaimed "English and history guy" makes a...Read more

Vagrant in 5 minutes

Vagrant in 5 minutes
In this short video, Daniel Farrell tells us about Vagrant, a tool for working with Virtual Machines (VMs). A modular framework, even. Farrell tells...Read more

Rewiring Generation Z

lightning talks, video
At Penn Manor school district they are unlocking the true power of technology. See how in this 5 minute video.Read more

How the Internet Archive maintains an information super highway

Find out more about the culture within the Internet Archive and the backgrounds of two people helping keep it alive.Read more