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Our articles on art and design include how open source software, hardware, and design are shaping today's artists and concepts.

4 command-line graphics tools for Linux

Learn about four command-line tools for Linux that can easily handle many of your basic (and not-so...
10 reasons to use Flowblade on Linux as your video editor

Flowblade is a surprisingly effective and efficient video editor for Linux.
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old camera

PIXLS.US is a dedicated location for free software photographers to discuss and share their work.
Building a water collection vessel from scratch

How a student team built a vehicle that can take two samples of water, at one meter and two meters...
tinyMediaManager catalogs your movie and TV files

tinyMediaManager is an open source media management tool that generates video file metadata.
Open source on the seven seas

There's a wealth of high-quality open source photo editing tools, SouthEast LinuxFest presenter...