Getting started

Our series about Getting Started in Open Source shares tutorials, tips, and advice—plus, great open source projects and communities for those new to open source.


5 keys to project success on GitHub

5 keys to project success on GitHub
How do you engage the open source community? RethinkDB's Michael Glukhovsky shares tips.Read more

Student-run help desk introduces teens to Linux

Getting started in IT through a student-run high school help desk
High school student Susan Black shares her experience with Penn Manor High School's student-run IT help desk.Read more

Using Git in the classroom

Git in the classroom
Michael Taggart shares how he configured Git for use in his middle school programming classes.Read more

How getting started in open source can help your career

Open source experience can help you get a job
When contributing to open source projects and communities, one of the many benefits is that you can improve your tech skills . In this article, hear...Read more

How to improve tech skills while contributing to open source projects

Get started with open source, orange flames
Find out ways to start contributing to open source projects, even if you're not an expert.Read more

6 non-code contributions you can make to open source

Open in sky
Six non-code opportunities for contributing to open source software code and communities.Read more

A first-timer's guide to getting started with open source code and communities

A first-timer's guide to getting started with open source
D. Ruth Bavousett offers some tips for getting started testing, deploying, and contributing to open source software.Read more

4 questions to ask before open sourcing a project

PayPal's Duane O'Brien shares how his team decides which projects to open source.Read more