The Opensource.com hardware collection includes articles on tiny computers, including the Raspberry Pi and Arduino; open wearables; Linux and hardware compatibility; laptop reviews; monitoring tools; and more. For some background, read our introduction to open hardware.

Low-cost robotic hands for amputees around the world

open source prosthetic hand for the masses
OpenBionics' 25-year-old CEO Joel Gibbard wants to make low-cost robotic hands for everyone.Read more

Hacking the farm with low-cost, open source tool designs

Hacking the farm with low-cost, open source tool designs
The creator of the Global Village Construction Set wants to bring low-cost, DIY, open hardware farming equipment to the masses.Read more

Kids can refurbish computers for others at Kramden

Kids can refurbish computers for others at Kramden
How a 13 year old is giving back to her community through open source and programming with the Kramden Institute.Read more

How to build an open hardware guitar amplifier in 5 steps

The 1Wamp is a new DIY guitar amplifier, built the open source way.Read more

Best of Opensource.com: Hardware

Five of the most-read open source hardware articles on Opensource.com in 2015, plus a few bonus favorites.Read more

Special edition: Top news of 2015 in open source

News best of the year, radio tower
This is a Special Edition of our weekly open source news roundup, as we look back at the top news stories in 2015!Read more

Adafruit's best open source wearables of 2015

Adafruit shares its favorite open source wearable products and projects from 2015.Read more

Mozilla's content blocker, new JavaScript engine, and more open source news

Weekly open source news
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, Mozilla announces new content blocker and ends Firefox OS, the Edge browser's JavaScript...Read more