The makerspace is the next open source frontier

Rapid prototyping 3D tube
In the same way open source has spawned millions of careers and thousands of companies, imagine the opportunity with openness applied to products. It...Read more

Best of open hardware in 2014

Gadgets and open hardware
In this recap, we look back at some of the biggest events in the open hardware community in 2014, including some highlights of the work of makers in...Read more

Gamers, makers, and sci-fi fans unite! at Penguicon 2014

penguins in space
As someone who makes it to about 20 events a year between open source conferences and science-fiction/fandom-type events, I feel qualified to...Read more

Makers are the new industrial revolution

open up book review
Following up on the recent review of the Maker's Manifesto, I ran across the book Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson . Anderson...Read more

How libraries can be a haven for makers

open source in libraries
I work at a public library in the Washington DC-area and often think about what needs to be designed into the space of future public libraries. I was...Read more

Young maker says Raspberry Pi is way to go

Raspberry Pi
A few weeks ago I was able to attend the Mini Maker Faire in Cleveland , Ohio where I got to meet with local makers and discuss a variety of subjects...Read more

Can Inkscape reduce the number of incarcerated people?

illegal foss
When the free vector drawing program Inkscape was first released in late 2003, I realized this software could do some part in helping to reduce the...Read more

Interview with Jenn Karson, co-founder of Vermont Makers

5 questions with
SparkFun’s Department of Education engages in educational outreach all over the country, and we’re always impressed and excited when we run into...Read more