Open access

Open access refers to the practice of making peer-reviewed scholarly research and literature freely available online to anyone interested in reading it. Read our article collection or our What is open access? resource page to learn more.

How open access content helps fuel growth in Indian-language Wikipedias

How open access content helps fuel growth in Indian-language Wikipedias
Indian contributors show the spirit of this year's Open Access Week theme, Open in Action, as they help add content to the various Indian-languages...Read more

The rise of the shareable document

The rise of the shareable document
Using open document formats could create a domino effect where more and more work is modified and shared.Read more

New journal HardwareX to promote open source hardware for science

HardwareX promotes open source hardware for science
The purpose of HardwareX is to help accelerate the distribution of low-cost high-quality open source scientific hardware.Read more

Will RIO Journal be the most open of its kind?

A new journal aims to go beyond traditional scientific publishing by encompassing all outputs of the research cycle.Read more

GPL enforcement, ONOS partners with Linux Foundation, and more news

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at community-oriented GPL enforcement, the ONOS project partnering with the...Read more

Open source and humanities in the digital age

Welcome to the first installment of a monthly feature where we explore how open source software and the open source way are used in the digital...Read more

Why open access matters

Imagine a world where scientists and inventors had no access to the accomplishments of the generations which came before us. The wheel would, quite...Read more

Meet the open access dinosaurs of the year

Dinosaur skeleton red
Thirty-eight new genera or species of dinosaur were announced in 2014, spanning everything from sauropods to tyrannosaurs to horned dinosaurs...Read more