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The rise of the shareable document

The rise of the shareable document
Using open document formats could create a domino effect where more and more work is modified and shared.Read more

You can now petition the European Union to 'fix my document'

Open Forum Europe has initiated an effort to help the European Union (EU) institutions live up to their commitments to support open document formats...Read more

Governments take note: Open Document Format is updated and improved!

Open Document Format logo
In an important development last week, Open Document Format (ODF) version 1.2 was adopted as an OASIS standard after four years of hard work. And it...Read more

ODF: Setting the standard for office documents in the public sector

With Document Freedom Day 2010 approaching, this is a good opportunity to consider the reasons why the public sector has increasingly opted for ODF,...Read more

Making Public Records Public: Why open formats are essential for sharing and preserving government data.

By Chander Kant, CEO Zmanda. Have you ever tried to retrieve a public record from your local, state or federal government? Despite their name, many...Read more

Liberate your documents.

An acquaintance emailed me a .docx file last week that my older word processor wouldn't open on the first try. Before you start sending me fixes, don...Read more