Web-publishing for libraries and the robust community of Omeka

open source library tool
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The participatory nature of the Internet strengthens fan communities

Whether the big media producers like it or not, digital technologies have made it easier than ever for popular culture fans to create remixes or...Read more

How to write a book in five days

writing and publishing a book the open source way
If you shut people in a room for a week with seven other people with the same interests, they have a ball and write a book. —Adam Hyde, founder of...Read more

How to write your book using Linux

publishing the open source way
I spent the past year writing The Librarian’s Guide to Academic Research in the Cloud , a book which focuses on using and thinking about cloud...Read more

How to create an eBook the open source way

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Coming unglued: Lessons in openness from a successful crowdfunding campaign

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Free, open ebook offers ideas for rebooting American government

How would you reboot American government?
In 2008, representatives of the Personal Democracy Forum sent dozens of writers, pundits, politicians, entrepreneurs, researchers, and think-tankers...Read more

New Media Commons white paper examines future of transparency in peer review

New Media Commons white paper examines future of transparency in peer review
The always-insightful Alex Reid has penned an essay " on the question of open peer review ," which examines a draft white paper posted to Media...Read more