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While Vim and Emacs are the heavyweights, they're not the only game in text editor town. Learn tips for making the most of those text editing applications, as well as some of the other options worth considering.

Keep track of your notes with this simple, open source alternative to Evernote.
Typewriter keys

I do most of my writing in a text editor and format it with Markdown —articles, essays, blog posts...
a checklist for a team

These 20+ useful commands will enhance your experience using the vi editor.

Create basic websites from Markdown files with this useful open source tool.
Writing in a notebook

No matter what line of work you're in, it's inevitable you have to take a few notes. Often, more...
a checklist for a team

Vimwiki and GitLab make a powerful combination for your notes.
Vim or Emacs?

In this poll we ask: What's your favorite open source text editor?
typewriter keys

These shortcuts for common editing tasks make using the vi text editor easier and more efficient.