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While Vim and Emacs are the heavyweights, they're not the only game in text editor town. Learn tips for making the most of those text editing applications, as well as some of the other options worth considering.

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Looking for a new text editor? Here are 31 options to consider.
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Note-taking is important, and plain text is an easy, neutral way to do it. Here are three tools you can spice up your notes without losing the ease and portability of plain text.
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The FED editor lets me code my FreeDOS projects easily and efficiently. Learn to make the most of this flexible Linux, Windows, and DOS editor.
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Sometimes, no one can make your dream tool but you. Here's how to start building your own text editor.
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Nextcloud has one of the smoothest editors of the popular Markdown file type, with lots of convenient and intuitive features.
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With elements of legacy systems, Pe is refreshingly simple with plenty of additional features.
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Joe's Own Editor (JOE) is a general text editor that is easy to learn and use.
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If you have an analog soul but need a convenient digital version of your beloved paper notebooks, KJots is the editor for you.