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While Vim and Emacs are the heavyweights, they're not the only game in text editor town. Learn tips for making the most of those text editing applications, as well as some of the other options worth considering.

Computer keyboard typing

Kick your text editor up a notch with a few fun tricks.
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Improve your productivity with these plain text editors.
Programming keyboard.

Learn how Elisp deals with variables and to use them in your scripts and configurations.
Computer keyboard typing

10 tips for diving into the world of this useful group of open source text editors.
Open and closed source

Take a look at five great open source alternatives to Google Docs.
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The org-publish tool allows you to publish your website or blog with Emacs Org mode.
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Slimmed-down (in size and features) alternatives allow you to take your text editor anywhere you go.
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Even if your operating system is closed source, you can still use this popular open source text editor.