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Our 4th annual community yearbook rounds up the top projects, technologies, and stories from 2018. Also read our archives:

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Brain and data illustration

The old strategy of building small, focused applications is new again in the modern microservices environment.
Email arriving at a mailbox

A few simple guidelines can help you provide better feedback.
Gift box opens with colors coming out

Receiving feedback can be hard. These tips will help.
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The Linux kernel turns another year older on August 25.
Browser window with birthday hats and a cake

On GNOME's 21st birthday, we highlight some of the features we enjoy the most.
Remote people connected on clouds

It's harder for programmers from less-privileged nations trying to achieve success alongside people from countries with many material advantages.
a big flag flying in a sea of other flags, teamwork

Slackware boasts a unique history and a loyal user base.
Open community, gardeners and food co-op

What happens when a Benevolent Dictator For Life moves on from an open source project?