Looking back at December Opensource.com highlights

Top 10 and editor's picks: December review

We look back at popular articles, must-reads, and highlights from December.

Top 10 list
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We've rounded up our most popular articles, must-reads, and highlights from December. Opensource.com brought in 635,628 unique visitors who generated 1,026,986 page views in December, our third month in a row surpassing one-million page views. We published 90 articles, including 21 articles in our 2016 Open Source Yearbook series, and 12 in our annual Best of Opensource.com series. We welcomed 11 new authors, and our community moderators contributed 28 articles.

December highlights

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Editor's Pick 6

Here are six of our many favorite articles from December:

  1. An interactive calculator for the Linux command-line—by Dave Taylor
  2. A tour of Google's 2016 open source releases—by Josh Simmons
  3. Best Couple of 2016: Display manager and window manager—by David Both
  4. 3 web browsers for the Linux command line—by Scott Nesbitt
  5. Using the command-line calendar and date functions in Linux—by Don Watkins
  6. How to find Android apps that respect user privacy—by Joshua Allen Holm

Top 10 articles published in December

  1. How 30,000 people helped pick the new Bash logo—by Justin Dorfman
  2. How Linux got to be Linux: Test driving 1993-2003 distros—by Seth Kenlon
  3. 8 fun Raspberry Pi projects to try—by Anderson Silva
  4. 9 lessons from 25 years of Linux kernel development—by Greg Kroah-Hartman
  5. 10 open source tools for your sysadmin toolbox—by Ben Cotton
  6. Hot programming trends in 2016—by Rachel Roumeliotis
  7. Top 10 open source projects of 2016—by Jen Wike Huger
  8. 7 cool little open source projects that stood out in 2016—by D Ruth Bavousett
  9. Why the operating system matters even more in 2017—by Gordon Haff
  10. Top open source creative tools in 2016—by Máirín Duffy

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