Top 5: Open source Minecraft alternatives, Perl at 30, container security, and more

Plus: New OpenStack guides and how-tos and setting up a Postgres database on Raspberry Pi.
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Toonz goes open source, Apple open sources CareKit, and more news

In this week's top 5, we look at Linux container security, the Perl community at 30, and more.

This week's top articles

5. How to set up a Postgres database on a Raspberry Pi

In this article, community moderator Ben Nuttall explains how to install Postgres on a Raspberry Pi, create a table, write simple queries, use the pgAdmin GUI, and interact with the database using Python.

4. 6 new guides and how-tos for OpenStack editor Jason Baker with some of our favorite new guides, tips, and tutorials for OpenStack that we came across in the past month. Did we leave out a great one? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll consider adding it in our next edition.

3. 10 open source alternatives to Minecraft editor Jason Baker says that there is no denying that Minecraft is a favorite game for millions. The game’s popularity has led to many attempts to recreate its look and feel in the form of open source software. If you’re interested in a free open source alternative, then you’ll want to read this article. Which one is your favorite, and which one did we leave off that you wish we had covered?

2. Perl turns 30 and its community continues to thrive

Community moderator Ruth Holloway brings us a detailed article about the 30-year history of Perl and the Perl community. Ruth writes: "Perl is about people. The people who create, maintain, support, and use Perl jointly create an environment where developers can learn and thrive, each working on the things that interest them." You will enjoy this article no matter where you are on your Perl journey.

1. 10 layers of Linux container security

Daniel Oh of Red Hat writes that you need to think about security throughout the layers of the solution stack before you deploy and run your container. In the article, Daniel says, "Try these 10 key elements to secure different layers of the container solution stack and different stages of the container lifecycle.”

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